Paragis Grass Boiled Water Can Cure Cancer, Fact Check

LAMONGAN TODAY – Circulating the narrative “Some of the benefits of Paragis grass are:

1. Anti-Cancer Activity

Paragis grass has anticancer and antioxidant activity that helps prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body. It can effectively remove myomas and ovarian cysts.
Paragis grass used to be a tea to be consumed regularly in the morning or before bed at night that will get rid of cysts.

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2. Kidney Disease

This plant has a natural diuretic which increases the amount of water in the body. It removes toxins and other agents through the urine which helps keep kidney problems at bay.
Furthermore, it will be useful for overcoming the problem of kidney disease.

3. Beneficial for Wounds, Arthritis and Parasites

Arthritis is a common disease found in the elderly which can be prevented when this plant is applied to the affected area as another Paragis grass benefit.
The car is, enter the mixture of this plant and grated coconut until it becomes hot, and bandage on the affected area. It can also be used on wounds to stop bleeding. It is a powerful laxative and removes worms and parasites from the stomach.

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