Paraglider pilot had a fatal accident near Tschlin

A paragliding accident occurred above Tschlin on Saturday afternoon. The pilot was fatally injured.

According to the findings so far, the 75-year-old paraglider pilot took off with his aircraft together with colleagues in Austria. The group later split up during the cross-country flight in the Lower Engadin area. Together with a second pilot, the paraglider pilot mentioned flew in the Muttler area in the municipality of Valsot high above Tschlin. Suddenly the second pilot spotted his colleague’s paraglider lying on a steep mountainside south of the Muttler.

While still in the air, he immediately alerted the rescue team. The deployed Rega crew with the helicopter rescue specialist from the Graubünden Alpine Rescue located the paraglider pilot who had had an accident. The emergency doctor could only determine death.

Together with the Office of the Attorney General, which is responsible for aircraft accidents, the Graubünden cantonal police are investigating the exact circumstances that led to the accident.

(Picture: zVg.)