Paraíba has more than 400 probable cases of dengue and chikungunya in 2023

A Paraíba recorded 342 probable cases of dengue and 62 cases of chikungunyabut there were no cases of takes until now. Data are from the second Epidemiological Bulletin of 2023, from the State Department of Health (SES). Professionals in the area assess that the low number of probable cases occurs because the state is not yet in the seasonal period.

Even with these data, SES gathered health professionals, including doctors and nurses from the hospital network and UPAs, this Monday (6), at the Federal University of Paraíba (UFPB), to strengthen the actions of the care flow in hospital units.

The training will also take place next Monday (13) for health professionals who work in primary health care in the municipalities that make up the 1st Health Macroregion. In 2022, 27,939 cases of dengue were registered; 18,816 of chikungunya and 623 of Zyka. As for deaths, 22 were recorded due to chikungunya and 9 due to dengue. In 2023, so far, there is no confirmation of deaths from arboviruses, however, there is 1 death under investigation for chikungunya, in Pombal.

“Our objective is to qualify the professionals who work at the entrance doors of the health care network so that they are alert to the first signs/symptoms of the disease and thus correctly and timely handle suspected cases that may evolve into the form disease, thus reducing mortality in the state”said the operational manager of Epidemiological Surveillance at SES, Talitha Lira.

During the qualification, the flow of assistance provided to the patient affected by arboviruses and the equipment that make up the health care network, such as the Urgency and Emergency Network, with the aim of Find, which has coverage in 223 municipalities, all under municipal administration; the UPAs, four under state management and 14 under municipal management; and regional, municipal and federal hospitals.

The 1st Rapid Survey of Aedes Aegypti Indexes – LIRAa, carried out from January 9 to 13, 2023, when 33 municipalities were registered in a situation of risk and outbreak; 124 in an alert situation and 66 in a satisfactory situation.

The agendas are being held at the Occupational Therapy Auditorium, at the Health Sciences Center (CCS) of UFPBcampus I, in João Pessoa.