Parasitology-Mycology Department – l’Archet Hospital

Presentation of the establishment

The Parasitology-Mycology department provides consultations for the search for dermatophytes (and other fungi responsible for mycosis) in the skin and in appendages (nail, skin, hair, scalp sampling). Scotch-tests are also carried out to search for pinworms (oxyurosis) or for yeasts such as Malassezia sp. (tinea versicolor). Parasitology consultations are accessible by making a specific appointment by calling the secretariat or by email: suspicion of human scabies (search for ectoparasites such as sarcoptes and treatment) suspicion of cutaneous leishmaniasis (diagnosis and treatment) diagnostic and therapeutic monitoring of the toxoplasmosis in pregnant women Expert consultations in medical entomology are also provided (40 €, not reimbursed by health insurance): diagnosis of insect bites and advice on how to fight against infestation in the home (bedbugs, beetles, fleas, …). Hours and contact Secretariat: 04 92 03 62 54 | Telephone reception from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm

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