Parc des Princes: A deafening silence that leaves a taste of unfinished

Parc des Princes: A deafening silence that leaves a taste of unfinished

PSG will have been crowned champion of France in a silent stadium and a cozy atmosphere. Frustrating…
Surrealist. This is the word that comes to mind to describe the atmosphere of a Parc des Princes voiceless Sunday night, while PSG players struggled like hell on the field, with a 7-1 win against Ligue 1’s second, AS Monaco . All with a seventh title of champion of France in the history of the club to the key . So many good reasons to see a boiling stadium, to feel a crazy atmosphere and to attend scenes of popular jubilation. Except that the enclosure of the Porte de Saint-Cloud has been much quieter than that … We could almost hear the flies fly at times. So that the Monegasque supporters thought they could make the law. ” We are at home ! They sang, probably for the first time in Paris. Some scattered songs have been launched on the Boulogne side. Very little. We heard applause after a nice action, a goal. “Ouuuh”, “aaah” here and there. That’s all. Curtain. An absolute sadness that cut through with the flamboyant demonstration of a Paris Saint-Germain too strong, much too strong for his dolphin. A very specific partial private session The reason for this silence is simple. Guilty of having done use of pyrotechnic devices And have deployed an injurious banner “February 25 against the OM, the Park, Paris fans were sanctioned by the Disciplinary Committee of the Professional Football League (LFP). ” After hearing the case, the Commission decided to declare the partial closure of the Lower Auteuil tribune for a match by revoking the stay “, We learned on April 5. Sanction applicable Sunday, so. The dead tribune operation works perfectly. It gives a surreal atmosphere to the Park … Kids who scream, Monegasques singing tps in tps, applause or “haaaaa” from the side qd a Paris attack goes a bit far … And that’s it. #PSGASM – Christophe Remise (@ CRemise77) April 15, 2018 Sanction that did not affect the entire forum Auteuil, but only members of Collectif Ultras Paris. A few hundred fans were deprived of the match for the title. As a result, the latter had asked their sympathizers not to move in support to those who will be absent And to the presents of show them what a dead tribune looks like “. The CUP also denounced in the same statement a ” blind repression without dialogue “. ” Let’s give pleasure to the LFP by offering them a tourist platform, silent and without fervor .. For their incompetence to be seen until China, their new El Dorado ” launched the Collectif Ultras Paris . Mission accomplished. Except that it is complicated to know if the Parc des Princes would have been brighter without this call to the silence of the CUP. Because it is these fanatics of the red and blue club that have revived the Parisian stadium after being discarded for several years following the Leproux plan. They give the the at all matches. And their absence can suffice to explain this cozy atmosphere. Paris management chooses camp Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, he clearly took the side of his suporters saying ” very angry “Lack of atmosphere that has, we must admit, a little spoiled party Sunday night. ” I hope the league will think well next time , has launched the president of the PSG after the coronation of his players . The sanction does not affect only the supporters, but also the PSG. Everyone watched this game. It’s a shame because we do not give a good picture of the atmosphere in the stadium for Ligue 1 “Not sure the management of the LFP appreciates. She will probably not appreciate more the messages flowered Collective Ultras Paris, either before the game on the edge of the Parc des Princes, above the ring road, in the stands or even in front of the Eiffel Tower after the match … Pêle -mile, we read the following messages on various banners: ” LFP, champion of repression »,« You kill the popular football, LFP n … your mothers ” or even ” Ultras: closed stands, LFP: brothel, we will never be your whores “. Non-exhaustive list. Divorce is more than ever consumed between the most ardent supporters of Paris and the authorities of French professional football, it is an established fact. It is however in the interest of all, football in general, the club, the League and supporters, that the dialogue is renewed between the parties concerned. This is in any case the speech held on the side of the LFP, the National Division of the fight against hooliganism (DNLH) and some associations of supporters . It remains to find common ground and especially to make out that all this small world starts to speak the same language. And it is far from being won, like the eternal debate on smoke, essential to some and forbidden for others …

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