Parcoursup: Candidates may well be stuck in university


According to a technical sheet revealed by the AEF, students who apply on Parcoursup for unselective university licenses may receive a negative answer. The Ministry of Higher Education says it does everything to “ensure that no student is denied”.

Will candidates fall behind in September at the end of the process? Parcoursup ? The possibility does exist, even in the non-selective sectors, according to a technical sheet revealed by the AEF (Education and Training Agency, ed). “Negative decisions taken by the institutions in the national pre-registration procedure must give rise to notification of the time limits and remedies open to candidates”, states the document, which has been posted on the website of the Commission. Dgesip (Directorate General of Higher Education and Professional Integration), and updated on 6 April 2018. A possibility that contradicts the repeated promises of the Minister of Higher Education, Frédérique Vidal, that no candidate for university would receive no. Negative responses for non-selective channels
If for the selective channels, the notification of refusal will be notified as of May 22, for the non-selective formations, this one can be communicated at the end of the principal phase, on September 6, or of the complementary phase, specifies the AEF. Recalted will be “informed that it could not be given a favorable response to their application given the number of places available in the training and their rank among the successful candidates.”
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The fact sheet specifies, however, that “negative decisions taken by the institutions in the national pre-registration procedure must lead to notification of the time limits and remedies available to candidates”. While adding that “these notifications also inform candidates of the possibility of obtaining, if they so request, the communication of information concerning the criteria and modalities for the examination of their applications as well as the pedagogical reasons which justified the decision taken”. The ministry “will do everything so that it does not happen”
Contacted by the Figaro, the Ministry of Higher Education explains that indeed, “a proposal for admission pending on September 6 in an institution that does not have sufficient capacity can be notified of a ‘no ”. However, he specifies that this will only be due “to a material insufficiency and not to a refusal to take the student”. “This document, sent to the university vetting commissions, anticipates what could happen, but we will do everything we can to ensure that it does not happen and that no students are refused in the non-selective stream,” says ministry.
To avoid this situation, the ministry created 19,000 additional places in French universities, including 3,400 in Île-de-France. “As needed, we will create new ones,” says the Ministry of Higher Education. In case of refusal, other formations may be considered
However, students who have received a “no” will not be left behind. In each academy, a commission of access to the superior, which will be chaired by the rector of region, will have for mission to propose to the candidates having been taken nowhere another formation. And the goal will be that it is as close as possible to that initially desired by the candidate.
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Thus, this year, the students were able to inform their “preference” on Parcoursup. The website of the platform states that “this confidential information, not transmitted to institutions, is only intended to enlighten the commission of access to higher education, which could be led to […] make proposals” to those who will receive “no proposal on any of their confirmed wishes”.


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