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"Parent 1", "Parent 2" in school forms: towards a "solution of appeasement"

Calm the game, without giving up completely: facing the controversy over the amendment adopted at first reading in the National Assembly last week, which suggested to remove the words "father" and "mother" from the school forms at benefit of the words "parent1" and "parent 2", the majority tries to find a compromise. Thus, the LREM deputy of Paris Anne-Christine Lang, corapporteure of the bill for a "School of trust" now suggests to include in the forms the words "father-mother / father-mother", which parents could check as they please. A solution "Appeasement" according to the elected, and who should, she hopes, "To suit all families". This new version should be examined when the text returns to the hemicycle in a few weeks.

The Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, said he supported this compromise on Monday on France Info. "Parent 1, parent 2, it's absolutely not ideal, since it seems to install a hierarchy between the two parents", he said. And to continue: "This poses a lot of problems. We can agree with a cause. […] On the other hand, we must be careful not to, in the name of a cause, do counterproductive things for this cause. "he warned. On the original amendment, the minister said he understood his intent and the "Respect". "I think every child should feel good at school, and that's why we talk about a" school of trust ", regardless of family structure., argued Jean-Michel Blanquer. And to conclude: "We will work on the right formula. There is [en] has several that allow to have "father" and "mother" while allowing each family structure to be respected. Ditto for the spokesman of the government, Benjamin Griveaux, who judged Sunday that this alternative is the "Path of reason".

The proposal to replace the terms "father" and "mother" had aroused strong opposition on the right and among the conservative movements, like the Manif for All, which lambasted a process "Dehumanizing". Conversely, the SOS Homophobia Association had welcomed this measure, which constitutes a "Concrete recognition of homoparental families, and a breakthrough for all children and families". The Association des familles homoparentales welcomed the spirit of this text, while expressing its fears of "Prioritization" parents.

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