Health Parents abandon their children at the airport after coronavirus...

Parents abandon their children at the airport after coronavirus symptoms


A couple in China abandoned their two children at an airport, after their son had a fever and was forbidden to fly, after the outbreak of coronavirus.

The young man was arrested by workers at an airport in Ninjing, China, after he allegedly had a fever. With the outbreak of the coronavirus, travelers are constantly being examined for systems, in order to manage the potential spread. It is reported that the parents decided to board the plane anyway, leaving their two children at the boarding gate. It was said that other passengers and airline workers were in shock.

The incident came to light when a blogger posted photos of the children on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter. They suggested that parents get upset once they told their son that he could not fly with his potential symptoms. The images taken show the two young children sitting nervously unattended in the departure lounge.

Yangzi Evening News says the incident happened Wednesday night at Nanjing Lukou International Airport, which serves the provincial capital of Jiangsu. The family was trying to fly from Nanjing to Changsha with a flight operated by Xiamen Airlines.

A passenger told the evening news: “It seems that the child’s body temperature was 38.5 degrees Celsius.” The airline did not allow the boy to board the plane, but the parents of the children did not agree. “

The incident occurred for about two hours, which caused a delay in the flight itself. Finally, police arrived to mediate between the protesting parents and the airline. “Finally, the workers let the adults get on the plane,” said the passenger, who added that the children were left alone at the airport.

After the chaotic episode between the family and the airline, the children were finally allowed to board the plane, which they sat specifically in the front of the cabin. Understandably, some passengers are worried about flying with the potentially sick child. The flight was delayed a total of three hours, according to the airport.

The coronavirus has currently killed 26 people and infected more than 830 in at least 10 countries and regions in three weeks. Experts estimate that every two out of every one hundred cases result in death. Several cities in China have closed effectively after the outbreak, with reports in many nations that people are experiencing symptoms of the virus. The news about the outbreak is constantly developing.

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