Parents block access to schools, kindergarten and elementary

Parents block access to schools, kindergarten and elementary

The teachers were surprised this morning (Monday), by the action of the parents of the students. These have symbolically blocked the access doors to school classes kindergarten and elementary René Rucklin in the neighbourhood of the Residences. This blockade has been decided to raise the awareness of the municipality to the difficult conditions experienced by the students.

” We have been waiting for ten years of works of renovation in the two schools, ” explains Karima Anajjar. “We have participated in almost a year meeting where the municipality wanted to know our opinion about his project. When we sought to know if the work would start this summer during the school holidays with the mayor on April 7, he had to give us an answer within two weeks. We had to remember, to learn that the site was finally postponed. Lack of subsidies for the renovations. If the city wants it, we can start a fundraiser online to pay for it. “

parents claim that their objective is only to address the slow degradation of the premises. Curtains torn, moldy or covered with fungi ! Temperature hot in the classrooms. Or problems more anecdotal such as the fall of the driving of the storm water that is lying in a tree. Not to mention the window of the kindergarten that crashed in the courtyard, on the day of the carnival parade, last year.

” Every time we ask for work, the deputy for education to minimize the emergency, ” explains Karima Anajjar. It pretends that everything will be settled with the renovation. But when ? “

The parents point the finger at the problem hardware.

” All the schools have been equipped with digital tablets, ” said Mme Anajjar. “We know well that we bouleversons the repetition of the show. And we apologize, but we had to show our ras-le-bol. “

A part of the morning, the students stayed with their teachers in the courtyard to make games and discussions in a relaxed atmosphere.

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