Friday, 20 Apr 2018

Parents of Noyabrsk gave start to district relay race against HIV

The action “Parents of Yamal against HIV!” Was held in the Children’s Park. The inhabitants of the city participated in the flash mob, once again drawing attention to the problem of the spread of AIDS. There were sports and playgrounds. Specialists of the AIDS Center placed an exit point for express diagnostics in the park and invited everyone to know their HIV status.
In the final, participants stretched the traditional red ribbon, launched balls into the sky, and also transmitted a video message to another Yamal municipality.

“Relay race: Yamal’s parents against HIV!” Became a continuation of the district action. The new action is called to unite efforts of experts of educational institutions and medical organizations YaNAO with the parental assets of the Autonomous Okrug in order to draw public attention to the problem of the spread of HIV / AIDS among the population of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District.
– I think the action is very important, because the statistics are horrible! The more we and our children know about HIV and AIDS, the less the risk of infection. Epidemic can only be stopped by the whole world! Tatyana Zavalishina expressed the opinion of the majority of those present.

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