parents sentenced in Pavia, children compensated with 20 thousand euro-

from Eleonora Lanzetti

The 16 and 12 year old boys hit with a broom and whipped with an electric power cable: they will be compensated with 10 thousand euros each. The parents, of Indian origin, sentenced to 4 months for abuse of the means of correction

Beat up with the broom stick and whipped with electric cables when they came home from school with bad grades. The Pavia Court sentenced the parents of two boys, now aged 16 and 12four months (suspended sentence) e to the compensation of 10 thousand euros each. It is called abuse of means of correction, in law, but what happened for a long time within the four walls of that house looked more and more like hell.

The family in Pavia and the recommendation of prof

An Indian couple living in Pavia, as told by the Province of Paviahad used very rigid methods in educating their children. It was the teachers of the two brothers, in 2019, who understood that something was wrong with mom and dad. The report, in fact, had triggered the complaint: the Juvenile Court of Milan had ordered the removal of the two children from their parents’ home. The grades never lived up to their parents’ expectations – the father is now 50 and the mother 40 – although they were well above the mark, so returning from school turned into endless minutes of violence.

Whipping and offenses

At the record there are blows, lashes, offenses. The crime, however, was declassified, by violence in the family ad abuse of means of correction, because the Juvenile Court has recognized a newfound relationship between the two children and the family. Parents will still appeal.

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May 10, 2022 (change May 10, 2022 | 11:04 am)