The parents of an adolescent in St. Johns County, who died suddenly this week, told First Coast News that they were informed by the health department on Thursday that their daughter had meningitis. First Coast News could not confirm the diagnosis on its own.

Jessie Melcolm's mother, Kim, said she last spoke to her daughter, a 19-year-old freshman at Tallahassee Community College, on Monday night. Jessie told her mother that she had sore throat and aching muscles, but urged her mother not to worry.

When Kim could not reach Jessie on Tuesday morning, she sent Jessie's best friend to check on her. The friend did not find Jessie reacting.

Jessie's parents said that her daughter had no health problems and was up to date with her meningitis vaccines and boosters.

Kim Melcolm remembered her daughter as "the light of so many people." This weekend, a celebration will be held in memory of Jessie.

Jessie was a former cheerleader at Bartram Trail High School and graduated last year.

First Coast News contacted the Florida Department of Health to confirm the meningitis diagnosis. The department referred us to the medical examiner who referred us to the Tallahassee Police Department because Jessie's death is an open case.

First Coast News has not heard of the Tallahassee police yet.

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