Parigi Police Chief Suspected of Raping a Suspect’s Child Removed from Position

KOMPAS.TV – Parigi Moutong Police Chief who was suspected of raping a suspect’s child was removed from his position.

Now the Parigi Moutong Police Chief has been transferred and is threatened with ethical sanctions and criminal penalties.

The head of the National Police’s Propam division, Inspector General Fredy Sambo, announced the removal of the position of the Head of the Parigi Moutong Polsek after a meeting at the Komnas HAM office, Jakarta.

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This removal is the aftermath of the alleged rape by the police chief against a suspect’s child.

Parigi Moutong Police Chief, Iptu IDGN allegedly invited the suspect’s son to commit lewd acts at the hotel with the promise of releasing his father from detention.

The victim’s family has now lodged a complaint with the police.

Propam will also investigate this case through an ethical examination, an ethical decision will be delivered after the criminal verdict is handed down.

If found guilty, Iptu IDGN will be subject to the heaviest sanction, namely dishonorable dismissal.

Meanwhile, National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo asked unit leaders to take firm action against members who violate the rules.

According to the head of the National Police, such a disgraceful act damages and injures the hard work of personnel who have been working optimally for the community.

The Central Sulawesi Police Chief, Inspector General Rudi Sufahriyadi, visited the victim’s family directly in Parigi Moutong.

The police chief confirmed that his side would oversee the case to completion.

Punishment for perpetrators of crimes even if active police officers will still be applied fairly.