Paris 2024 – Tony Estanguet on Paris 2024: “We will be ready” #Paris2024 #Estanguet #JO2024 #Paris #Olympics

Paris 2024 made its comeback on Wednesday January 25th… i.e. to date, 548 days from Paris 2024 Olympic Games ! Tony Estanguet, the president of the Paris Olympic Games Organizing Committee (COJO) held a press conference to take stock of the progress of the organization of the event, as well as the situation of the ticket office open since December 1 and which ends on January 31, 2023, for its first phase. “We are on timehas explained Tony Estanguet. “Sometimes it can take a while to agree. There is no rush because, yes, we are on time.” He will drown therefore reassured, at 18 months of I of Paris 2024while the Court of Auditors recently noted delays in the signing of contracts in a report submitted in January, and presented to Parliament, even mentioning “operational risk and financial risk.”

Tony Estanguet, President of the Paris 2024 OCOG!

“We are very calm…”

To date, 90% of these perimeters are already secure“, said Wednesday Tony Estanguet. “We favor the dimension of both human and financial resources. The target for partnership resources was raised in December to 1.226 billion euros. The Cojo will have achieved 92% of this objective by the end of 2023. We are very confident. On the box office, we exceeded the 2.5 million registered in the draw for the first phase of ticketing, which leads to the allocation of future purchase slots. On this first phase of sales by pack, three million tickets will be put on sale. Another sales session will take place in May for single tickets. As for security and the use of cameras equipped with algorithms to detect crowd movements, which will be permitted by the Olympic law under discussion in Parliament, we trust the State on this subject.

A solidarity ticket office set up with the Secours Populaire

True to its ambition to open the Games to as many people as possible, Paris 2024 is multiplying initiatives to promote access to the Games for people who are far from major sporting and cultural events. After setting up an accessible ticketing fee schedule, financing the purchase of 100,000 tickets for priority audiences, and giving public players the opportunity to acquire one million tickets to boost their social programs, Paris 2024 launches a solidarity ticketing system by partnering with the Secours populaire français. Each purchaser of tickets for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games will have the opportunity to donate €2 to enable people in precarious situations to also experience this unique moment in the stadiums in 2024.

Games for all

From the start, Paris 2024 and its President, Tony Estanguet, have had the ambition to make Paris 2024 Games open and accessible to as many people as possible. This desire to share the unique emotions of the Games is illustrated in particular through the ticketing program for the Paris 2024 Games: firstly by offering an accessible ticketing price list, with an entry price of €24 for all Olympic sports, at €15 for the Paralympic Games and almost 50% of tickets for the general public at €50 or less; then by directly financing the purchase of 100,000 tickets for underprivileged audiences; finally by giving the possibility to the State and the host communities to acquire one million tickets, in order to support their social programs around the Paris 2024 Games.

The last link in this chain of solidarity takes the form of a solidarity ticketing system, designed in association with the entrepreneur Alexandre Mars, ambassador of Paris 2024 and member of its Board of Directors. This solidarity ticket office, which offers the general public the possibility of taking part in this surge of solidarity, will allow people in precarious situations to experience the Olympic and Paralympic Games “in real life”. People who, for lack of sufficient means, would never have imagined attending the Games other than in front of their television. Whether families, young people, people with disabilities or seniors, the happy beneficiaries will be able to participate in this popular event that France has been waiting for 100 years!

A possibility of donation for each order made

Launched on 15 February next, on the occasion of the opening of ticket sales for the Olympic Games, this solidarity ticketing system will be implemented at each stage of ticket sales to the general public. The possibility of making a donation of a fixed amount of €2 per order will be offered to each buyer when paying for their order. The donations collected will cover the purchase of tickets, as well as the travel costs of the people who will benefit from this device. The funds raised will be donated to the Secours populaire français, which has a long-standing, very strong link with sport and the experience of solidarity ticketing programs. The Secours populaire democratizes the practice of sport through the financing of annual licenses and sports equipment, swimming lessons or sports holidays. It also allows thousands of people to attend major sporting events, offering them the opportunity to keep memories for life and to ignite new passions and vocations.

Tony Estanguet, President of Paris 2024: “We want the experience of the Games and the opportunity to experience the moments of emotion and unity they provide to be made accessible to as many people as possible. To carry out this mission, Paris 2024 has multiplied initiatives to allow people in precarious situations, usually far from major sporting events, to also experience the Paris 2024 Games “in real life”. Solidarity ticketing, which we are launching with the help of the entrepreneur Alexandre Mars and the Secours populaire français, allows us to open the Games wide, by giving the general public the opportunity to participate in this momentum of solidarity.”

Thierry Robert, National Secretary of Secours Populaire: The Secours populaire is delighted to benefit from solidarity ticketing, in order to offer young people and people in precarious situations the chance to experience the Olympic and Paralympic Games by attending the sporting events of this world event. We have always placed access to sport at the heart of our solidarity action for more than 78 years. Sports holidays, swimming lessons, annual licenses, discounts of sports equipment, participation in major sporting events… The range of possibilities offered by the Secours populaire – in conjunction with numerous partners and sports federations – in favor of access to sport is commensurate with its ambition: to democratize these activities with recognized virtues which, however, crystallize strong inequalities. It is an honor for the association’s 90,000 volunteer facilitators-collectors who devote themselves to the 1,300 solidarity spaces to bring solidarity to 3.5 million people in France and around the world. With your support, this solidarity action will allow the Secours populaire to give itself the means to act and to broaden its action around sport.”

Alexandre Mars, Entrepreneur, Ambassador of Paris 2024 and member of its Board of Directors: I have been involved in the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games project for six years now, first as President of the Sport and Society Commission during the bid, and now as an ambassador and member of the Board of administration. I am proud to see this solidarity ticketing project see the light of day. Our common objective with the Paris 2024 teams is to make these Games part of a positive and lasting legacy, based on the values ​​of sharing and solidarity.”