Paris: A two-year-old girl dies while choking on a pancake

Paris: A two-year-old girl dies while choking on a pancake

According to information from the “Parisian”, the girl, visiting Paris with her parents, was uncomfortable in the street after swallowing a pancake on Saturday. She suffocated in the street, near the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Saturday, April 14. A two-year-old Spanish girl, visiting the French capital with her parents, died while choking on a pancake Saturday afternoon, reports the Parisian . According to the daily, the girl was uncomfortable about 14:30 Saturday, shortly after eating a pancake. Passersby, seeing the little girl feeling bad, contacted police and firefighters. According to the Parisian the police, who came first to the girl, took the first steps to rescue her. The firefighters and Samu then intervened to try to keep her alive. The death of the girl was declared around 3:15 pm, less than an hour after her discomfort. The floor of Paris opened an investigation, according to the Parisian. An autopsy must be performed to determine the exact circumstances of his death. Read also Related topics

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