Paris haute couture is back as if we had just slept through the last two years

In Paris, the haute couture fashion week was held between July 4 and 7, 2022, and most designers returned to the regular fashion show with catwalks, models, and an illustrious host of guests, including their billionaire clients who want unique and/or striking luxury. It is a strange contradiction that this event for super-rich customers, which costs a lot of money, is in a world that has been paralyzed by the coronavirus for the past two years, supply chains have collapsed, Russia and Ukraine are at war, causing an economic crisis in many countries of the world, and then there is the climate disaster and we didn’t even mention the general restlessness. Of course, there were designers who tried to reflect on this in some way during their work.

The finale of Christian Dior. Creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri wanted to draw attention to Ukrainian artist Olesya Trofimenko, and built the collection on the “tree of life” motif and embroideries that also appear in Ukrainian folklore.


Although the term is often applied to any hand-stitched, made-to-measure, spectacular dress, in order for a fashion house to present at the official haute couture fashion week held twice a year – in July and January – it must be admitted to the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture, i.e. to the chamber.

Alexandre Vauthier presentation with 3D sequins.


The chamber sets strict conditions: they must make clothes made to order, made to measure, with several trials, and at least 15 people must work full-time in their salon. In addition, in one of their workshops, they must employ at least 20 professionals who know some special technique that requires great dexterity and practice (lace mixing, embroidery, pleating, etc.).

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