Paris: he sniffs cocaine on the hood of a car police


He did not choose the best place to do it. In Paris, an addict was arrested last week after taking a rail of cocaine on the hood of a police car. Aged 38, he was arrested in flagrante delicto around 2am on the night of Tuesday 9 to Wednesday 10 while he was in the 10th arrondissement of the capital.
According to a source close to the file cited by The Parisian , the thirties was equipped with a ticket in the shape of straw supposed to allow him to “sniff” the white powder arranged in line. When questioned by the police following his arrest, the man, who held two bags of cocaine on him, confessed that he did not see that he was in front of a police station.
Summoned soon before the court for use and possession of narcotics, he must answer for his actions. According to the public health code, the illegal use of one of the substances or plants classified as narcotic is punishable by one year’s imprisonment and a fine of 3,750 euros. In addition, persons convicted of this offense are liable, as a supplementary sentence, to an awareness-raising course on the dangers of drug use.
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This story is reminiscent of the one that took place in Nancy last November, a city in which a young drug dealer had been arrested by police in spite of himself. Aged 17, he took the patrol men for friends while he was in possession of heroin and cocaine.


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