Paris Opera: big malaise in the ballet led by Aurélie Dupont

Paris Opera: big malaise in the ballet led by Aurélie Dupont

A revealing survey The poll, which was obtained by AFP, was prepared by the Artistic Expression Commission, an internal body elected by the dancers. She asked more than one hundred questions, of which 108 out of 154 dancers responded, on condition of anonymity. In responding, they hoped that pinpointing the problems would help move forward. In the document, 89.8% believe that they are “not the subject of good management”, 76.8% say they have been the victim of psychological harassment or have seen a colleague undergoing such treatment and 25, 9% even say they have been or have witnessed sexual harassment. Amazement on both sides about the diffusion of this document The director of the Paris Opera, Stéphane Lissner, has told AFP to have “total confidence in Aurélie Dupont”, saying she was “an excellent director of dance”. Highlighting his “astonishment” at the press release of this internal document, he promised that a dialogue will be established to “calmly think and understand what the dancers mean” when they demand listening. A hundred dancers, including many stars, expressed their “amazement” after the release of the document. “The disclosure of this questionnaire was done without the consent of the dancers and at no time did the interviewed artists conceive that this document would be used for purposes contrary to their interests,” the statement said. The dancers reproach Aurélie Dupont his lack of listening But beyond the figures of the survey, it is the comments collected from the dancers who are hard on Aurélie Dupont, the replacement of Benjamin Millepied in February 2016. “The current director does not seem to have any management skills, and no desire to acquire such skill,” says a dancer. Others denounce a “glaring absence of accompaniment”, a “lack of knowledge or refusal to listen to the aspirations of many dancers” and especially a “lack of dialogue”. “We are human beings, not pawns that we move as they see fit,” one of them is still indignant. In January 2017, though, we remember that Aurelie Dupont declared : “When I arrived, I found the dancers disappointed, disappointed, not supportive enough … A year later, they are once again full of ambition, they make up a new siblings. , that feeling of being happy together “. Regarding cases of sexual harassment, Mr. Lissner said there was a “zero tolerance” and called on the dancers concerned to talk to management about it. Aurélie Dupont struggling to win against the dancers “Outside, the legitimacy of Aurélie Dupont is undeniable. (…) Inside, the legitimacy is more difficult to install,” said Le Figaro. “First of all, if she is from the seraglio, she must impose herself against dancers who were with her in the ballet”, analyzes the journalist Ariane Bavelier. “Men are angry at him for bidding farewell to Roberto Bolle, star playmaker at La Scala, rather than a star or a young girl in the company, with the girls, who were stars at the same time as , the climate remains tense. ” Finally, says the newspaper, she was not a ballet master. The predecessor of Aurélie Dupont, Benjamin Millepied, had created the surprise in 2016 by announcing his resignation after a little over a year at the head of the ballet, one of the most famous in the world.

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