Thursday, 19 Apr 2018

Paris: The GBL, new synthetic drug, worries authorities and the middle of the night

A nightclub. (Drawing) – William Abenhaim / SIPA
It’s called the GBL and it worries the authorities and the middle of the night. AT Paris , this solvent diverted into drugs, cousin of the GHB nicknamed “the drug of the rapist” , is widely consumed by young partygoers and would be responsible since the end of 2017 of ten comas among young people aged 19 to 25 years. One of them ended in death.

The new synthetic drug worries the authorities, who Monday, held a meeting with night professionals, health experts and police. “It’s a phenomenon that is spreading,” Paris police chief Michel Delpuech told reporters after the meeting.

Six institutions are subject to administrative closure

And remember that on March 10, at the “Petit Bain” (XIIIth arrondissement), the evening turned to drama when two young people fell into a coma after ingesting liquids in bottles not belonging to them. After several weeks of hospitalization, one of them recently died.

Sign of the firmness of the authorities, six institutions housing drug trafficking have been subject since the beginning of the year of an administrative closure, the same total as the whole of 2017. Three other procedures are in progress, detailed Michel Delpuech.

“Limit the sale of these products or their easy access, especially via the Internet”

Faced with the recrudescence of dramatic incidents and a “situation they could not handle alone”, the night professionals gathered in the Collectif Action Nuit had asked “help” to the public authorities, in a statement released on the 22nd. March. Welcoming the “spirit of responsibility” of actors of the night in Paris, the prefect of police pledged on Monday, to explore the legal tracks intended to “limit the sale of these products or their easy access, especially via the Internet.”

It also hopes, by the summer, to build a “partnership action plan” with professionals, seekers “for training, awareness and good practices”, and more generally to raise awareness of the dangers of GBL.

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