PARLACEN requests support from the CAH for the ratification of the Central American Mortgage

A delegation from the Central American Parliament (PARLACEN), met in the last few hours with the president of the Honduran Bar Association (CAH) Rafael Canales, in order to request the support of that association of legal professionals for the ratification of the treaty to the creation and implementation of the Central American Mortgage that is promoted at the regional level.

The representation of this regional organization was made up of Cossette Lopez, president of the Integration Commission, Lisseth Arias, Saul Platero and Ruth Janet Cuestas, Deputy Secretary of the Real Estate Registry Council of Cetroamarica and Panama (CRICAP).

The Central American Mortgage as a project will allow the use of properties as collateral in any of the countries subscribed to the initiative, which will result in great benefits for the region, especially in terms of an improvement in the credit supply and a greater development of the financial sector, if it performs adequately and the critical institutions that make this development possible are strengthened.

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