Partial abolition of the air tax is an important step

© Florian Wieser

Today’s announcement by the City of Vienna that it will abolish the so-called air tax in some key areas as of the new year is very welcome from the companies’ point of view. “We have been calling for the Vienna air tax to be abolished for many years, and it has always caused companies to shake their heads,” says Vienna Chamber of Commerce President Walter Ruck. The fact that it should be at least partially history at the turn of the year is “absolutely positive” for the thousands of companies affected.

“Further containment of utility taxes strengthens the economy in Vienna and brings relief at a time when Viennese companies are under massive pressure from the inflation wave”

Walter Ruck

Because not only large industrial companies suffer from the rapidly increasing energy and material costs, every small commercial or commercial enterprise in the shopping streets is also struggling with the wave of price increases, delivery problems and lack of personnel. “The fact that in such a situation you don’t have to pay hundreds of euros every year for a canopy or sun protection in front of the shop as a levy to the city is a good and correct signal,” says Ruck.

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