Partial legislative elections of June 18, 2023: The order of passage of messages from political parties on the public media unveiled

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As part of the organization of partial legislative elections in the diaspora(9th region) of June 18, 2023, the Superior Council of Communication (CSC) organized this May 27, 2023 in Niamey, a meeting with the leaders of the political parties and those of the public and private media. AT this occasion, conformIt isment To the processure, a draw to permissions of determine the order of passage, recording and broadcasting of the messages of the political parties selected on the public media.

The political parties UPRD Kande Gomni, PNPD Akal-Kassa and AMEN AMINE are respectively 1is2th et 3th in the order of appearance on the public media. MNSD Nassara, PSD Bassira, PNDS Tarayya, PJP Dubara are respectively in 4th5th6th et  7th position. MPN Kiishin Kassa is at the 8th place. Followed by MODEN FA Lumana Africa and MPR Jamhuriya, which are successively at the 9th and at the 10th place.

The draw, carried out by a sworn bailiff, took place in the presence of the representatives of the parties selected, with the exception of two political structures for which the bailiff had to carry out the draw in their place, in accordance with the regulations in force in the country. The day before the draw, the CSC took two decisions to guarantee equitable access to the public media and oblige the private media to respect the principles of pluralism of opinions and balance of information, as well as equality of price list.

Before proceeding to the drawing of lots, the Superior Council of Communication made a presentation on the regulatory texts and the access of political parties to the public and private media during the partial legislative elections of the 9th diaspora region which will take place on June 18, 2023.

During the drawing of lots for the order in which messages appear on the public media

According to these provisions, each of the ten lists selected for these elections will be entitled to the broadcast of 3 messages recorded and validated beforehand and the coverage of 3 meetings. They will also be able to buy advertising space in these media up to twice the free time granted to them.

Election periods, said the president of the CSC, Mr. Salifou Labo Bouché, are sensitive and often tense moments. “I must recall that the electoral law formally prohibits hate speech, statements and harangues, sermons and profession of faith of a religious, defamatory and abusive nature as well as arguments of a regionalist, ethnic and racial nature and any other form of stigma and sexism aimed at inciting people to violence”, warned the president of the CSC.

Souleymane Yahaya (ONEP)

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