Partial Legislative: the outgoing defeated in Wallis and Futuna according to provisional results

Partial Legislative: the outgoing defeated in Wallis and Futuna according to provisional results

Mata’Utu – Napoleon Polutele (UDI, Acting and Independent) outgoing Wallis and Futuna MP has been defeated by his opponent Sylvain Brial (DVG), according to provisional results of the partial parliamentary election held Sunday in the small archipelago of the Pacific Ocean.

Mr Polutele, 53, was elected in the first round last June but the Council canceled his election due to the invalidation of sixty votes which no longer allowed him to have the absolute majority needed to be elected. elected. He had obtained 3,436 votes in the first round, more than the absolute majority of the votes cast established after the proclamation of the results (3,420). Subsequently, 37 votes were canceled for mismanagement and 21 for proxies ” tainted by substantial irregularity “. Sunday, Mr. Polutele, supported by the majority in the territorial assembly and invested by the UDI, received only 3,428 votes (48.39%) against 3,656 (51.61%) for his only opponent Sylvain Brial, also in the running last June. Wallis and Futuna are located in the Southwest Pacific, about 2,200 km east of New Caledonia. The traditional chiefdoms and the Church exert a predominant influence. The two islands had just over 12,000 inhabitants as of July 22, 2013, date of reference of the last census of the population, according to INSEE, which specified that they had lost nearly a fifth of their population in 10 years. The exodus of young people, the opening up of the archipelago, the French territory furthest away from the metropolis, the recasting of the 1961 status and the management of land were among the topics addressed by Mr Polutele, professor of history and geography of training. Sylvain Brial had also talked a lot about the fate of young people and the need to be able to offer them professional opportunities in the private sector and the transfer of the executive, now held by the prefect, to local elected officials. Originally from Futuna, he also advocated for a strengthening of the air link between the two islands. Results of the first round I: 8.580 V: 7.123 E: 7.084 Abs: 16.98% Napole Polutele (IDU, spell): 3.428 48.39% Sylvain Brial (DVG): 3.656 51.61% (ELU)

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