Partial opening of Kabul airport announced

They announce the partial opening of the Kabul airport, as stated by the Qatari ambassador to Afghanistan, Said Mubarak al Jayarin, who has been at the forefront.

The above, while they continue working to solve some technical problems that will allow “commercial international flights to be operating soon.”

Kabul airport partially reopens

Qatari Ambassador to Afghanistan Said Mubarak al Jayarin made the announcement on Saturday. According to the official, the Qatari technical task force that has been working on the reopening of the Kabul airport has managed to partially reopen the airfield. But it is not a total opening, it is a humanitarian cordon with aid that began to arrive.

Also, Al Jayarin explained to the Qatari television network Al Jazeera, who expect humanitarian flights to continue in the coming days. The above while still working to fix some glitches. These will allow that “soon they can be operating commercial international flights”.

On the other hand, the Qatari ambassador has announced that this Saturday the first domestic flights have departed since the day the Taliban came to power. These have landed at Mazar i Sarif and Kandahar airports.

According to the official, the task force has managed to repair the radar, the communications tower and the runway at Kabul airport. Also, it has managed to guarantee security both inside and outside the facilities. This morning the fifth Qatari plane with humanitarian aid arrived in Kabul, with 15 tons of aid.

Qatar has become in the last week the main negotiator with the Taliban and it is expected that the intermediations will come to fruition for a total and safe opening in this air port.