The finalist of the sixth “Battle of the Psychics” Kazhetta Akhmetzhanova came to indescribable fury because of the exposing film of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company Boris Sobolev “Going to Hell” dedicated to magicians, shamans and psychics of all stripes.

I am a psychic, clairvoyant, devoted my life to helping and serving people. With the help of my psychic abilities, I help to solve many problems that a person faces., – quotes Akhmetzhanov.

She called the sensational film of Sobolev “vile lie”.

Generally, when unscrupulous journalists start throwing mud at psychics, this is the last thing., – Outraged Akhmetzhanova. Unfortunately, it is much easier for a Russian person to blame some psychic, sorcerer, magician for his troubles.

She also ranked herself as a cohort of people “who help and heal others,” and therefore “cannot slander her.”

The anger of the “Psychic Battle” participant is quite understandable – after all, after the success on the TV project, she now has no end of clients, but the revealing film can add more than one spoonful of tar to the barrel of honey.

In the second series of the documentary “Going to Hell”, Sobolev demonstrates how pseudo-healers make millions by fraud, often using the grief of people.

The audience of cultural, scientific and religious educational programs is already eight times less than the program “Battle of psychics” alone. All these mystical stories not only stupid us, but also deceive us, giving the performance for the truth., – says Sobolev in his picture.

In order not to be unfounded, the journalist invited the famous psychics from the TV project to take part in the film and demonstrate their abilities without duplicates. At the same time, only Anatoly Ledenyov agreed to a clean experiment, which, by the way, was mistaken, thereby not confirming his superpowers.

Earlier, Channel Five told that according to the ex-editor of the “Psychic Fights” Oleg Loskutov, the project participants are ready pay For the passage to the finals of any amount.



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