Participating in’s “e-auctions/live-auctions”: A Guide to Registration and Bidding

You must be connected and approved by to participate in an “e-auction/live-auction” of, Identify yourself to bid. Account validations are carried out within 48 hours of your registration, do not wait until the last two days before the closing of a sale to proceed with your registration. By clicking on “BID”, you unreservedly accept the general conditions private sales of live auctions. The sale will start closing at the time indicated on the description sheet. Please note that the times it takes for your offer to be transmitted to our servers may vary and your offer may be rejected if it is sent within the very last seconds of the sale. Bids must be made with whole numbers, you cannot enter , or . in your offer. If you have any questions, click here to consult the live auctions FAQ.

The winning bids will be subject to 18% including VAT of participation fees for the sale.

2023-05-30 04:00:38

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