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Parties – Bremen:Bremen Left goes into the election campaign with a women’s duo

Jun 12, 2022 5:22 p.m

The logo of the party Die Linke is on a red background. Photo: Peter Endig/zb/dpa/Symbolbild (Photo: dpa)

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Bremen (dpa / lni) – The Left Party, which is involved in the red-green-red state government in Bremen, will be leading the state election campaign next year with two female senators. At a state party conference on Sunday, the delegates nominated Economics Senator Kristina Vogt and Health Senator Claudia Bernhard for first and second place respectively in the tandem. Both have shown in the last three years that left-wing government responsibility can succeed, said the party’s state spokeswoman, Anna Fischer.

Vogt emphasized that the Left wants to continue to take responsibility after 2023. She referred to many issues. “Whether collective bargaining, state minimum wage, labor market policy with a clear focus on women, migrants, qualification and co-determination or the socio-ecological restructuring of industry and strengthening of small and medium-sized businesses: it makes a difference whether the left is in government responsibility or in the opposition. ” In Bremen, a new citizenship will be elected in May 2023.

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