Parties – Freiburg im Breisgau – SPD: Abolish cruise offers of the SPD travel service – Politics

Freiburg (dpa) – The SPD is not just a party, trips are also offered under its name. And the tour operator belonging to the SPD also offers trips with cruise ships. This has now pissed off the Karlsruhe-Stadt district association because such offers are incompatible with the comrades’ commitment to climate protection. The party congress of the Baden-Württemberg SPD accepted the motion from Karlsruhe on Saturday in Freiburg to ask the federal executive board “to position itself clearly that an offer of cruises with the name SPD travel service has not been agreed”.

The explanation says: “On a seven-day cruise with 2000 to 3000 passengers for two in a standard cabin, the individual guest is responsible for 1.5 tons of CO2.” The SPD must be credible when it comes to climate protection. “Offering a cruise in the SPD travel service makes it impossible to seriously convey to voters that the SPD wants to slow down climate change.”

According to information on its own website, the SPD travel service is an offer from FFR Ferien-, Freizeit- und ReiseService GmbH. This in turn belongs to 100 percent of the Deutsche Druck- und Verlagsgesellschaft, the party-owned holding company of the Social Democrats, as listed on their website.

At the SPD travel service, ocean cruises are touted with the words: “The planet shines blue. Seas and oceans give the earth its color. Sometimes rough and churned in the waters of Antarctica and sometimes crystal clear and quiet as off the coasts of the Caribbean, they lie there. ” It goes on to say: “On our cruise ship we enjoy the comfort of a hotel that leaves nothing to be desired, while we glide from city to city, from port to port and from country to country.”

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