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Partisans of the SPD call for election disaster course change

NAfter the electoral disaster of the SPD, three leading members of the left party wing demand a change of course of the Social Democrats and stronger pressure on the coalition partner CDU / CSU. "We can no longer tolerate blockades by the CDU and the CSU on key issues," write party rival Ralf Stegner, Juso boss Kevin Kühnert and Deputy Group Chairman Matthias Miersch, according to "Spiegel" in a position paper. "GroKo must deliver if this coalition is to last."

In concrete terms, the three party democrats are calling for a climate protection law, a new vocational training law, the enforcement of basic pensions, an immigration law, advances in digital taxation and an agreement on new, restrictive arms export regulations before the end of the year. "The grand coalition has an end date: at the latest by September 2021, and if necessary earlier," quotes the news magazine from the paper. "We have not signed a subscription contract with the Union."

From their own party, the three authors call for more critical capitalism than hitherto. "Capitalism has penetrated too deeply into the most sensitive areas of our life together and must be pushed back." At the federal party conference in December, the three party tinkers can also imagine personnel changes. The aim must be "that the federal party conference in December makes all the necessary substantive, organizational and personal decisions in order to clarify the future course and to select a board team, which implements this course with renewed confidence."

The SPD scored in the European elections a historically bad result. She came according to the preliminary result of the Federal Returning Officer to only 15.8 percent. In the 2014 European elections, the Social Democrats had still achieved 27.3 percent. The Union has become the strongest force despite losses. CDU and CSU achieved a combined 28.9 percent, as evidenced by early Monday morning from the count of all constituencies. This is more than six percentage points less than in the European elections in 2014. The Greens came with 20.5 percent for the first time in a nationwide election in second place.

The AfD achieved 11.0 percent (2014: 7.1 percent). The Left came to 5.5 percent (2014: 7.4 percent), the FDP to 5.4 percent (2014: 3.4 percent). Of the other parties, only the Free Voters and the satirical party The Party achieved more than 2
Percent. The turnout was 61.4 percent (2014: 48.1 percent).


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