Partizan Belgrade – 1. FC Cologne 2:0! Despite the Uefa ban, fans in the euro bankruptcy | Sports

The next Euro damper for 1. FC Köln!

At Partizan Belgrade, the Rhinelanders lose 0:2. The people of Cologne beat themselves!

First Hübers loses the ball to Diabaté, who scores to make it 0:1 (15th). Then Gomes beat three FC defenders and nodded off to make it 2-0 (52′).

The people of Cologne probably also lack fan support. After the Nice riots, Uefa ordered two away ghost games.

During treatment after horror scene Real star Rüdiger insults himself

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Around 100 Cologne supporters smuggle themselves into the stadium. They had dressed neutrally in front of the stadium and only took out their scarves, jerseys and flags in the stands.

There’s a riot despite the Uefa ban: first a huge and deafeningly loud fireworks show around the stadium in the first five minutes of the game.

Then the game was interrupted for almost ten minutes in the first half because Belgrade fans ignited pyrotechnics. The field of vision on the pitch is so limited that Roi Reinshreiber orders the teams into the dressing room and threatens to abandon the game.

Everything too wild for the FC? Coach Steffen Baumgart: “No, I don’t think the players were impressed by that. We lack clarity and there are too many simple things happening.”

Even after the Pyro break, FC hardly has any real chances to score. So Cologne must hope that Nice will not win against Slovacko.

Otherwise the squad of trainer Steffen Baumgart (50) would be four points behind the first two group places. Baumgart: “It’s about winning the last two games.”