Party Coalition proclaims Eduardo Estrella as a candidate for senator for Santiago


The Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), the Dominican Party for Change (DxC) and an opposition coalition, today proclaimed Eduardo Estrella as a candidate for senator for the province of Santiago.

Speaking during the event, held at the Grand Admiral hotel in Santiago, Estrella said it will not be a decorative figure or a gomígrafo stamp, because Santiago "will be suffering." He said that this is a momentous moment for the country, “where the people will have to decide between continuing with the ruling peledeism, which has plunged the country into disorder, corruption and hopelessness or to change for a fresh and different alternative, which bring order, well-being and hope to the Dominican family. ”

He recalled that the population has been demanding more wisdom, patriotism and detachment from the opposition leadership, in order to make parties, movements, and social groups join forces in order to displace those who govern the country today.

“The moment demands to put forward legitimate aspirations in order to achieve this double purpose. Interpreting this clamor, Dominicans for Change, putting the ear in the heart of the people, has made the firm decision to be a large part of this great opposition coalition that presides over the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), ”Estrella said when speaking before hundreds of followers who attended the event, which was also headed by Luis Abinader, Hipólito Mejía and other senior leaders of the PRM.

Estrella, revealed that after a long reflection and consultation with various sectors, he decided to accept the candidacy again.

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