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The chase finally ended in Arles. / DDM illustration photo

The chase finally ended in Arles. / DDM illustration photo

It all started with the refusal to comply with a road check in Montpellier by a driver from the Marseille area on Saturday, November 3, 2018, as reported by our colleagues from Free Lunch.

At the wheel of his Seat, the individual escaped by taking the A 709 and A 9 highways, while multiplying the infringements of the Highway Code.

Intercepted just before Arles

Hunted by police officers of the anti-crime squad who followed him at a distance, he would have forced the barriers of the toll of Montpellier Est to continue his crazy race on the A 9 towards Nîmes. At the level of the city Gardoise, the driver then would have forked from the A 9 to the A 54, towards Arles, in the Bouches-du-Rhône.

He was finally stuck just before the exit "Arles" thanks to a device set up remotely by the police, and this after a chase of nearly 80 km.

Placed in custody, the driver will be heard. A verification procedure concerning his various offenses is in progress.

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