Party in Riyadh Continues, Thousands of Saudis Attend Festival until Midnight


RIYADH – After the celebration of Riyadh Season 2021 which was enlivened by a concert by international rapper Pitbull and attended by an audience of more than 250 thousand people, the party at Riyadh continues. Riyadh is now hosting the Global City Festival, the largest multinational festival in Saudi Arabia which opened on Wednesday (28/10/2021).

The festival will last for two weeks, and is open every day until November 9. The festival is open from four in the afternoon until midnight. Tickets available online for $10.60 sold out two days before the festival’s opening. And, thousands of people seem to flock to the festival to revel.

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“It is an inexplicable feeling to see Saudi youth, men and women take part in a cultural event of this magnitude. I am very happy to see it,” said Reema Al-Ruwaysan, Chief Executive Officer of the festival organizer of the MOLHIMA Group, as quoted by Arab News, Thursday (28/10/2021).

The festival features famous landmarks from countries around the world, markets, folklore, and songs, and cafes and restaurants serving traditional cuisine. Festival-goers can see the famous leaning tower of Pisa on Italy Street. Apart from walking around the attractions, visitors can rent electric scooters and bicycles.

Polaris Slingshot tricycles and Harley-Davidsons enter the main square to kick off the festival in the largest motorcycle parade in Kingdom history. Cultural dances, virtual reality games, and traditional food are some of what the festival has to offer on the first day.

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Visitors can also enter Saudi Street, starting with the historic route through ancient Najd, Darwaza al-Tumairi, and Souk Al-Muqaybara. The festival is accompanied by exhibitions that showcase the most prominent achievements of the rulers of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. “Saudi Street aims to showcase the country and what it has to offer in terms of culture and knowledge,” explains Al-Ruwaysan.

Kenya, South Africa, Egypt, Ethiopia and Djibouti will join in performing festive dances and serving traditional food on Jalan Afrika. One of the attractions on Egypt Street is the El-Fishawy cafe, which dates back to 1771.