Tears of joy with Pascal Kappés, 28! On Saturday, September 29, the former BTN star has become the father of a healthy son for the first time. At birth, the still-husband of Denise Temlitz, 28, was absent. The next day, however, he hurried to his little son-man – and was overcome by his feelings!

    Denise Temlitz & Pascal Kappés have become parents
On Saturday, September 29, former "bachelor" candidate Denise Temlitz gave birth to a healthy boy and made her yet-to-be husband Pascal Kappés a dad, announcing her husband's breakup in May after just three months Marriage and despite pregnancy But the young mother is by no means alone with her baby: In the delivery room her new friend Tim was at her side.
Ironically, Denise was actually only for the 20th of October. To the excitement of her fans, however, she wanted to give birth to her son a week earlier, on October 14 – the birthday of her grandmother. But apparently it was the offspring of 28-year-olds in a hurry.

Touching words about the birth of his son
Even if the two are no longer a couple: the joint offspring is their pride and joy. Only two days after the birth, the newlywed father now spoke with a touching declaration of love to his little one and posted an emotional snapshot:
Son, you are the best thing I have got in my life. I love you more than anything else in the world now. Unbelievable, what a little being can do in one, if it's your own.

At the end of his post, Pascal said goodbye to "Your Kappi and Kappi Junior." Denise and Pascal did not want to reveal what the sweet mini-kappés would be like, but the baby name will have the initials B.M.

A little later he shoved in his Insta story, how he is doing with his new role and is close to the tears of joy:
It is such an incredibly blatant feeling. To have such a little being that is of one's own. That's the biggest feeling ever.

That's why he was not present at birth
Incidentally, the child's father did not show up in the delivery room. Unlike Denise's new boyfriend Tim, who has actively assisted the expectant mother at birth. For Pascal, a sad fact: "I would have been very happy. Unfortunately I could not because I live in Saarbrücken. From Saarbrücken to Berlin it is a very, very long distance, in that respect I was unfortunately not able to ", he explained now in his story.The relationship to his ex, however, according to the circumstances, good and you would be for the little one act together.

Krass! Pascal Kappés thanks Denise's new friend
At the idea of ​​knowing his offspring in the hands of another man, the newlywed dad felt very different a few days ago. All the more surprising: In a statement Pascal now officially thanks for Tim's support!
I was glad Tim was with Denise and supported her. It's not easy for me, but I've talked to him, he's a nice guy and I'm glad he gives her strength and is there for her.

In the future Pascal wants to do everything humanly possible to be there for his child and his ex.
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