Pascoli, Segre and Verga. But also the hyper-connection of social networks

Maturity 2022: among the 7 tracks proposed for the theme of Italian, they appear for the understanding, analysis and interpretation of a poem in Giovanni Pascoli’s Myricae “La via ferrata” and for the analysis of an argumentative text “The only fault of being born “of Gherardo Colombo and Liliana Segre: these two of the tracks just proposed to the students who are about to take the written test of Italian for high school.

A short story by Giovanni Verga «Nedda, Sicilian Bozzetto» is one of the seven tracks proposed by the Ministry of Education for high school students. In the short story “Nedda” the protagonist intertwines a relationship with Janu, a young farmer who has contracted malaria. The girl becomes pregnant with her – she will be born a child – and he promises to marry her but dies shortly after in an accident at work. The student is asked to answer some questions, to summarize the text, to make connections and comparisons regarding the theme of the ‘last’, recurrent in the literature of the nineteenth century.

And again, a speech delivered in the Chamber by Giorgio ParisiNobel Prize in Physics 2021. Giovanni Pascoli had not been part of the subjects of maturity for 20 years.

The procedures for secrecy

The keyword to access the tracks was published at 8.30 on the website of the Ministry of Education. Shortly after the first rumors relaunched by The graduates are 539 thousand students while 3.8% of the students have not been admitted.

One of the traces of argumentative text, Type B, has as its protagonist Giorgio Parisi, the recent Nobel Prize in Physics, with a passage from his speech on climate change held in the Chamber of Deputies in October 2021, in view of COP26, the UN Climate Conference. The site reports this.

The trace on current events

The pandemic enters the maturity exam thanks to the type C that is proposed to students and which concerns current events. In fact, a text taken from Luigi Ferrajoli “Why a Constitution of the Earth?” Ferrajoli underlines how the covid was a global emergency for four specific characters that illustrates point by point: the fact that it has affected the whole world, the spectacular visibility, the fact that it is a side effect of many ecological catastrophes, the ability to spread rapidly everywhere. . By hitting mankind indiscriminately, bringing the economy to its knees, altering the lives of all peoples, it forces us to rethink politics and economics and to reflect on the past and the future, says the author. Graduating students must reflect on the questions raised, articulate a paper in paragraphs and present it with an overall title.

Vera Gheno, Bruno Mastroianni, “Keep it on. Post, comment, share without turning off your brain ”, in which the world of social networks is at the center.

Oliver Sacks

A trace of the final exams is the understanding and analysis of a text taken by Oliver Sacks «Musicofilia». It also asks for a reasoning on the power that music has on human beings.

Famous maturandi

Smiling and ready to take the first written test for high school graduation, Willy Gnonto, an eighteen-year-old striker of the Italian national football team, arrived this morning in Busto Arsizio (Varese), to take the Italian test at the ‘Marco Pantanì scientific high school. The same school where, in 2018, two other athletes took the final exams, the swimmer Nicolò Martinenghi, world champion in Budapest in the 100 breaststroke, and Matteo Gabbia, defender of AC Milan tricolor.

Segre: good tracks and ok to document against hatred

Ok unanimous from the commission chaired by Liliana Segre to the final document the fact-finding investigation on the nature, causes and recent developments of the hate speech phenomenon. “It was very important that this document was voted unanimously.” This is the comment of the senator for life who has just left the commission where the vote was followed by a long applause. “The combination that my person is in the traces of maturity today – she points out – seemed to me to be successful, since I fight against injustices in the first person”. “It will be interesting to see how these themes develop and how many will choose it.”

Many satisfied students at the exit in Rome

Voices satisfied at the exit of the first test from maturity 2022. In front of the Giulio Cesare high school in Rome, the first ones started going out around 12:45, about three and a half hours after the start of the test. Varied choices of students on the trail. «I chose the track on Verga and it went pretty well, I didn’t expect it but it went pretty well. I got away with it », Davide tells ANSA. “Without a doubt, the two years of DAD felt a lot about preparation because it was more difficult to make connections with previous years,” he continues. “This year has been challenging but without a doubt it has served us and we have served the continuity of lessons in the presence”, he continues. Luca is also satisfied: «I was happy to choose the second track on Verga. I didn’t experience it with much anxiety and I think that all in all there was a good preparation ». “On the other hand, I chose the theme of climate change and I found myself quite well”, says Pietro.

“There was nothing different than what we did during the year; I chose the track on the pandemic because I had prepared myself on the subject », continues Paolo. Among the choices also the track on music, on which Francesca tried to measure herself: «I made an argumentative text on the musical theme and I hope it went well enough. On the argumentative text the teachers have prepared us quite well ». «They have been complicated years but I must say that the professors have given us adequate preparation for this test. I did the hyperconnection track. It was challenging but feasible thanks to the skills that have brought us this far ”, explains Elisa. Finally, Luigi, expected by a couple of friends outside the school, eases the anxieties: «I chose Verga, but it was not a hard test. I think there are other difficult exams and even the ministry is perhaps excessively worried about this return of the first test “. (HANDLE).