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The Prime Minister of Armenia, in an interview with RBC TV channel, commented on the clashes with the participation of his compatriots in Moscow. He urged them not to succumb to provocations

Nicole Pashinyan

(Photo: Andrey Epikhin / TASS)

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said in an interview with RBC TV that the Azerbaijanis staged attacks on Armenians in order to destabilize the situation in Russia. The announcement of the interview was posted on the Prime Minister’s Facebook page.

He called the attacks on compatriots “an expression of the anti-Armenian rhetoric of the Azerbaijani leadership,” and also considered the actions of Azerbaijanis an attempt to make Russia an “arena of ethnic clashes.”

“There is no doubt that the Russian authorities have all the means and possibilities to prevent such a development of events,” Pashinyan said.

He called on compatriots living in Russia not to succumb to provocations.

“Our compatriots in Russia, in turn, must declare that we should not give in to provocations and that third forces with ambitious anti-Armenian aspirations in the South Caucasus are interested in destabilizing Russia. We will not allow this, ”the Armenian prime minister added.

The full version of the interview will be aired on RBC early next week.

Pashinyan considered it necessary to get out of the “cycle” of accusations with Azerbaijan

Clashes between immigrants from Armenia and Azerbaijan took place this week in different parts of Moscow.


In particular, on the night of July 24, a conflict occurred in the Maryino district at the intersection of Pererva Street and Perervinsky Boulevard, in which about 40-50 people participated. Subsequently, he turned into a fight. According to eyewitnesses, the sounds of shots were heard in the area. Metropolitan police officers reported the arrest of more than 25 people. Besides, unknown persons robbed a cafe. Threatening staff and customers, they stole 50 thousand rubles from there.

The next day, a new conflict between immigrants from Azerbaijan and Armenia took place near the “Armenian House” restaurant near the “Salaryevo” metro station in the south-west of the capital. Armed with wooden beams and metal bars, a group of Azerbaijanis destroyed an Armenian-owned building materials store. In addition, seven immigrants from Armenia with wooden bats broke into an Azerbaijani restaurant on Bratislavskaya Street and staged a pogrom there.

According to police, several other clashes occurred between representatives of both diasporas in other parts of the city.

Aliyev said about the fatigue of the Azerbaijani people from the negotiations on Karabakh

On July 25, police detained nine people who may be involved in clashes between immigrants from Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The clashes in Moscow took place against the backdrop of ongoing confrontation on the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia. The first military clash between the parties occurred on July 12. Artillery and other heavy weapons were used in battles. As a result, both countries suffered losses.



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