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Pass Culture, the emulation of the launch in Bas-Rhin

Test device in five French departments, the Culture Pass, encouraging 2,900 young people born in 2000 to consume culture, with a budget of € 500 offered to each, is built with users.

" I can not remember the last time I went to a show. It was surely with the school. I would love to go to a ballet, to the opera ". Sarah, a young and unemployed Strasbourg mother, lives in a home with her partner. Finding money to go out, to cultivate is not easy. So when she received an e-mail offering to test a free device, she jumped at the chance.

"Co-construction workshops"

Sarah is one of the 2900 young majors from Bas-Rhin selected to experience the Culture Pass. For one year, they have access to an application on their smartphone suggesting targeted ideas for concerts, shows, books, tours, activities. Above all, a budget of 500 €, to spend as they see fit, in this offer, is allocated to them. " I will go to the movies, take drawing classes, take pictures, meet other people "She rejoices.

Regions and youth, priorities of the culture budget

Like a dozen young people born in the year 2000, she came to one of the "activation events" organized by the Ministry of Culture. At Point d'Eau, a show room in Ostwald, the interface is presented, and five of the 200 cultural partner organizations came to discuss with them their expectations.

In the launch phase for two months, this device tested in five French departments continues to evolve through these "co-construction workshops". The application is designed to arouse the curiosity of users, the offers appearing in the menu with a photo, without textual indication. " I like it, it looks like social networks "Responds one. " We do not know what it's all about, regrets another. A structure makes react to different visuals for the same show. Verdict: the serious subjects are not prohibitive, but the image must be attractive. A young woman suggests comedy programming, like her favorite, Blanche Gardin. DRAC agents take note.

Mixed assessment for the Culture Pass in Italy

An offer Tram B

The Culture Pass is an opportunity to try new approaches to capture the young adult audience, especially the one that can not be reached via the classic student networks (although 72% of the participants in Bas-Rhin are students and 60% are in the Eurometropolis). On this day, for example, were invited only those along the line Tram B. Objective: to imagine an offer focused on this axis, for more ease of use.

" We could create one-week courses, involving three structures? Marion Oddon, Communications Officer at the National Theater in Strasbourg, is launching. For this institution, the Culture Pass is already a success: since the launch, 30 users have already come. Deborah, 18, plans to go to the theater. " What hindered me so far was mainly access to information, because consulting all the programs of all the rooms is tedious. With the app, the info comes to me, and it makes me want to try what I would not have thought ". Like this comic book about us, Sébastien Goethals and Philippe Collin.

This is also the great surprise of the first steps of the Culture Pass in the Bas-Rhin, contradicting some clichés: a majority of choice is on books and concerts. " We have even booked reservations for sites such as the Struthof concentration camp, or the Voodoo museum "says Lea Guzzo, territorial development officer of the Culture Pass. What not really to prejudge what will please or not.

Élise Descamps, regional correspondent in Ostwald (Bas-Rhin)



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