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The Corona app goes to sleep, the state promotes culture for young people and those who don’t earn that much get something extra when building. The new month brings some good things…

Building subsidies for families with less money

The state development bank KfW has provided 350 million euros to support families with low and medium incomes in building. Anyone who earns less than 60,000 euros (plus 10,000 euros per child) can apply for it.

200 euros for culture – the culture pass for young people

Anyone turning 18 this year can get an app on their cell phone from mid-June. With the so-called culture pass, you can then buy certain cinema tickets, concert tickets, visits to the theater or even books or musical instruments for a total of 200 euros. But: The really big concerts are not meant. You still have to pay for your Harry Styles ticket yourself. It’s more about supporting the small, local stages, dealers and organizers. All information here

The Corona app goes to sleep

Hardly anyone is talking about the corona epidemic, the situation is relatively relaxed. That’s why the warning app will be shut down on June 1st. Then there are no more updates. However, you can keep it and thus, for example, continue to use the vaccination certificates stored in it.

Passenger rights: Less compensation from the railways

From June 7th, if the train is not responsible for the delay, for example in extreme weather, people on the tracks or sabotage such as cable theft, compensation no longer has to be paid. Deutsche Bahn says that this will probably not change anything for most customers. We suspect that’s true, there are enough other reasons for delays at Deutsche Bahn.

Pharmacies closed on June 14th

It is not certain how many will take part, but the industry association Abda has called on pharmacists to protest against the federal government’s health policy on Wednesday 14 June and not to open.

Practice Defense: Major Maneuver “Air Defender”

From June 12th to 23rd, the German Air Force and 25 other countries will use around 240 aircraft to practice how to defend Germany and NATO territory if the worst comes to the worst. It could get a little loud here and there, but fighter jets are no longer allowed to thunder over populated areas at low altitude, as they did in the 1970s and 1980s. That is why most of the exercises will take place over the North and Baltic Seas. According to the Bundeswehr, civilian flights on vacation should not be hindered by the exercise.

Galeria Kaufhof closes branches

At the end of June, 19 branches of the department store chain in Germany will be closed. In Hesse and the FFH-Land it is the end for the houses in Offenbach, Wiesbaden Kirchgasse and Siegen. Frankfurt-Zeil, Darmstadt-Am Weißen Turm, Hanau, Viernheim and Heidelberg Bismarckplatz will not close until the end of January 2024.

The crime scene is on summer break

The last new episode comes out on June 16th from Stuttgart, after that there will be repeats – you can watch one or the other again. The first new episode will come at the end of August. Many other programs are gradually taking a summer break – but who wants to watch TV in this weather…

We wish you a pleasant June!

2023-05-31 12:27:15

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