Passenger tries to break the plane window with his foot while being reprimanded; see the moment of action

A man was arrested and later deported to his country on charges of “erratic behavior” and causing disturbances on a flight, apparently due to mental illness.

The following video, recorded on board the flight, shows two moments of the occurrence. First, the passenger is seen lying in the middle of the aircraft’s aisle, until he is invited by a flight attendant to return to his seat. Then, at a later time, when he was told again to sit down, he slammed his right foot against a window.

According to Pakistani media reports, the male passenger boarded Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PK-283 on Wednesday, September 14, which departed Peshawar, Pakistan, for Dubai, UAE.

As the Airbus A320 took off, the man soon began asking the crew to take him off the aircraft, and began praying while lying in the aisle. He later began punching and kicking the seats, and also damaged the inner part of the window in the blow seen in the video above, causing panic among the passengers.

Although not shown in the footage, the passenger’s hands and feet were later tied up as per aviation procedures, and he was restrained.

Upon arriving in Dubai, the cabin crew escorted the passenger to the security team. Later, local authorities reported the deportation to the PIA administration, who immediately sent a team on a flight from Islamabad to pick up the passenger in Dubai and take him back to Pakistan.