Passengers describe Daniel Küblböck's behavior on board

Passengers describe Daniel Küblböck's behavior on board

Daniel Küblböck boarded the AidaLuna on 29th August. Since Sunday the musician and actor is missing. Passengers of the cruise ship now report how they experienced the 33-year-old before his disappearance.

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A passenger met Daniel Küblböck on Saturday night in the elevator and talked to him. "He was dressed in women's clothes, so he was almost always on board, he was normal, he was not over the top now," she says in an RTL interview. The woman wants to remain anonymous.

Daniel Küblböck: The singer has been missing since Sunday. (Source: imago / Future Image)

An RTL reporter spoke with other guests of the ship, who also do not want to show. "I talked to a couple, that's what he asked for a photo a few days ago," the reporter explains. "He probably did not just refuse, but he also denied being Daniel Küblböck at all." She goes on to summarize: "There was no official appearance, although there should have been a karaoke evening, where he performed one of his old songs and was probably badly booed."

In addition, the station wants to find out that Daniel Küblböck had been transferred from deck six to the fifth deck in an emergency cabin, where the crew had him better in view. A supervisor should also have been put on his side. A person from his personal environment was therefore not there.


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