Passengers on the A1 line of Tamse are offered a book to enjoy the trip > Municipality of Córdoba

  • 300 books by Cordoba authors will be available to residents.
  • Vice Mayor Daniel Passerini led the presentation ceremony at the South Educational Park.
  • It is a work coordinated with the library of that space.

The Municipality of Córdoba presented “Bibliobús”, the proposal that brings reading closer to the residents of Córdoba through the buses of the TAMSE line A1.

On the route going from the Mariano Fragueiro neighborhood to the Congreso neighborhood (where the end of the line is located) and vice versa, there will be 300 books by Cordoba authors available to public service users.

It is precisely in the Congreso neighborhood where the South Educational Park is located, from whose library this proposal is nourished.

“With Martín Llaryora we are convinced that education is the tool that from the present will build the future” said the vice mayor, Daniel Passerini.

“Bibliobús” aims to promote reading on paper and access to literature in these spaces, while spreading the culture of Cordoba.

“This proposal is a concrete demonstration that the city can be conceived and promoted as an educational and cultural environment, as an educating city, with books being an opportunity to access new ideas, enrich the cultural heritage, and broaden cultural horizons”assured the Secretary of Education, Horacio Ferreyra.

The books were donated by the local publisher Recovecos. The works belong to 35 authors born in the city.

Daniel Salzano, Esteban Domina, Enrique Orschanski, Juan Cruz Taborda, Alejandro Mareco, Araceli Maldonado, Juan Federico, are some of the names that will head the bibliography.

“We are really very happy that we can have these little bags with these beautiful books by Cordovan authors that will fill us with stories and joys in the A1 line buses” pointed out the Secretary of Transportation, Marcelo Rodio.

The books are in envelopes attached with velcro to the back of the seats.

Each passenger can take it for the duration of the tour and deposit it back there before descending.

That is why they are short books, which includes poetry, short stories and short novels.

“We want passengers to find in the books a trip within another trip”said Carlos Ferreyra, director of the publishing house that provided the texts for this new edition.

In successive stages, new lines will be added to the initiative, to extend the reach of this proposal to more users of public passenger transport.