Passport processing times

Ottawa’s inertia must end

The Bloc member is sorry that the government did not anticipate this situation.

The Federal MP for Repentigny, Monique Pauzé, denounces the inertia of Ottawa, which is slow to intervene to put an end to the processing times for passport applications. While her office is struggling to meet the demand, she once again urges the Trudeau government to put in place as soon as possible the measures required to unblock this unacceptable situation that thousands of people experience daily.

The Bloc member is sorry that the government has not anticipated this situation, nor planned the means to respond to the resumption of cross-border travel, which is very predictable with the end of health measures. “This government has been multiplying the failures for two years: it was unable to reassure citizens at the start of the pandemic; he was unable to respond to victims of CERB fraud last year; this winter, it was unable to process applications for employment insurance and now it has lamentable delays in processing passport applications. It is unacceptable! “, denounced the mp bloquiste.

If Ms. Pauzé’s assistants can boast that no one has yet missed their trip, she fears that this situation could not continue.

“Not only are my employees working longer hours, so are Service Canada employees. The inaction in which Ottawa is wallowing has gone on long enough: the government has allowed this fiasco to swell and it is its responsibility to resolve it. The Bloc Québécois has proposed concrete solutions so that citizens can obtain their passports within a reasonable time. It’s simple: to get back in the saddle, Ottawa must expand the time slots; open on weekends and statutory holidays, process urgent requests free of charge, and expedite training for new passport officers. Citizens are entitled to a decent service and do not have to pay for the lack of predictability and the chaotic management of the federal government. », concluded Monique Pauzé.