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Cari Antón (Thanks for coming – Tribute to Lina Morgan) writes and directs a romantic musical comedy that explores love and opportunities in life. A play that is performed on Thursdays from October 14 to November 25 in Arlequín Gran Vía Teatro.

Raquel Palma gets into the shoes of Lola, a singer from Extremadura who has never had any luck in music. The economic crisis and the few opportunities to demonstrate his art that he has enjoyed have made him lose all hope in being able to succeed.

However, one day he receives a call from Mr. Brandon, a great Broadway producer, who wants to perform a peculiar casting for the cast of a soap opera. Excited, she resorts to the support of her cousin Roberto, a pianist who has just arrived from town and who also lives with her. But the possibility of a career in the United States collides with her love, since then she would have to leave Alfredo, her boyfriend.

The latter is also a singer, although he works as a waiter to help his mother, and tries by all means to dissuade her from leaving him and going to New York.

A fun story that unfolds through a varied musical repertoire that includes Broadway songs, themes from the 70s and 80s, some copla and even a couple of zarzuelas.

Artistic file:

  • Authorship and direction – Cari Antón
  • Distribution – Raquel Palma, Francisco Campello and Alberto Moreno
  • Communication and press – Toni Diaz
  • Special collaboration – JC Corrales


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