Pastor Carlos Rivas regains his freedom within 48 hours, at the request of the Prosecutor's Office


ANDPastor Carlos Rivas, of the Tabernacle of International Revival (TAI), after he was arrested on Thursday for driving while intoxicated, was released for "not having evidence against him," according to sources confirmed by the Attorney General's Office (FGR).

Rivas was released in the afternoon hours of Friday (April 19), despite the fact that, in the morning of the press conference of the preliminary report of the 2019 Summer Plan, the National Civil Police (PNC) still gave details of its He captured and assured that he would be treated as a common citizen.

According to traffic laws, a person who is arrested for driving while intoxicated must spend 72 hours in the bartolinas, not to mention that on holidays it is different, because they are processed until the end of the holidays.

In addition, the person must pay the fine of $ 57.14 and the expenses of the crane that is used to remove the vehicle in which he committed the infraction.

Carlos Rivas was arrested early Thursday morning on Constitution Boulevard and according to the police report, at the time of his arrest, the pastor refused to take the alcotest test.

About the topic: They capture Pastor Carlos Rivas for allegedly driving while intoxicated

This is not the first time that the pastor is involved in a controversy, because in 2015 a woman denounced him for having detained her in a motel in the Santa Elena urbanization.

The woman affirmed that she was congregated in the church of Rivas and a year and a half ago they were in a relationship. It was in this context that the pastor made famous the phrase "responsible infidelity" in addressing this incident.


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