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Pastor Joel Osteen is criticized online for alleged $ 325,000 Ferrari

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EL NUEVO DIARIO, DIGITAL DRAFTING.- American pastor Joel Osteen is in the eye of the storm due to the criticism received after several photographs of a Ferrari super sports car, valued at $ 325,000 dollars and that allegedly came to light, belongs, whose images have been leaked online on the platform of the social network Twitter.

The model of the sports saloon that they say is owned by Osteen, is an Italia 458, in metallic gray.

Osteen, is a televangelist who has a net worth of about $ 100 million, according to information published by Celebrity Net Worth.

Likewise, it has been said that the Christian pastor owns a mansion whose cost was estimated at $ 10.5 million, which is located in the Tanglewood sector, in Houston Texas.

The Osteen neighborhood is listed by the Houston Business Journal as the most expensive in all of Houston, according to its 2018 ranking.

This home is about 17,000 square feet, has six bedrooms, six bathrooms, three elevators, five wood-burning fireplaces, a guest house, and a pool house.

Osteen has also come under fire for reports that he does not pay taxes on his fortune.

With the hashtag or hashtag #TaxTheChurches, users started a trend in networks, indicating that the preacher should start paying taxes, an action that has not been proven so far.

Among the other rumors around the figure of the pastor, is that of owning a luxury yacht whose name is SS Blessed for which he was criticized, as well as for not lending his church as a Good Samaritan for the refugees from Hurricane Harvey, that hit Houston in 2017.

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