Patch 10.0.7: Focus on Baine Bloodhoof Quests – World of Warcraft

The build deployed last night on the PTR 10.0.7 allows you to discover the quests related to Baine Bloodhoof. The famous Tauren is in the Plains of Ohn’arha and you will have to lend him a hand. But as is often the case, things don’t go as planned.

Warning, this news contains spoilers

Baine vs Centaures

The story begins in Valdrakken. Mayla Highmountain shares her concerns about Baine Bloodhoof. The latter has gone to the Plains of Ohn’arha in search of a group of Tauren led by his friend Bovan Windtotem. However, she worries about the presence of the Centaurs and the age-old hatred that exists between the two races.

Baine is close to Maruukaï and he admits to needing your help. The area is gigantic and since you have good relations with the Centaurs, which he does not, maybe you can help him find out more about the missing Taurens.

After talking with several Maruuks, you receive help from the scout Tomul who agrees to accompany you and help the Tauren… despite obvious reluctance.

A land of fire and blood

As you go deeper into the plains, you will realize that the Tauren have fallen into an ambush. Fortunately, you will manage to save some of them. Among the survivors, there is even one who will sing you a nursery rhyme:

When the earth rumbles,

That the sky is dark,

Run in the woods,

And be quick about it…

When the drum sounds,

Let the Centaurs trumpet,

Pity, they don’t have it,

No they have not…

When the hooves click,

That they ransack everything

Follow Ohn’arha,

Don’t look back…

May Mother Earth guide you,

Covers you with his aegis,

But don’t wait for me

I will not come back…

After recovering several objects and rescuing Baine’s friends, the situation is not good. Indeed, Bovan is still missing and no one has any idea where he is. We learn, however, that other Tauren are prisoners of the Nokhud Centaurs.

Tomul and Baine therefore send you to the camp in order to plant shikaar banners on one side and to rescue the poor Taurens on the other.

When spirits come to your aid

Despite your efforts, still no Bovan on the horizon. Baine gradually loses hope, but Tomul has an idea: call on Bokou, an Ohn’ir mystic who could help you thanks to the Bovan necklace you managed to obtain.

Bokou then offers a vision of Bovan. The latter was captured by the Nokhuds and is in a bastion under the command of a certain Jamokou. For Tomul, it is impossible to take the bastion with a few men, it is a real army that must be assembled to attack the place.

For Baine, waiting is out of the question. Every minute that passes brings Bovan closer to certain death and he accuses Tomul and the Centaurs of cowardice. For him, this is further proof that these people should not be trusted. Baine then invites you to follow him to Nokhudon Bastion.

Unity is strength

Arrived at the camp, Baine make you drink an invisibility potion to find where Bovan is. You will have to walk around without being spotted and you will unfortunately come across Bovan’s corpse.

Seeing his friend’s body enrages Baine and he is determined to get revenge. He will rush headlong, in your company of course, on the Nokhuds. After about thirty enemies eliminated, you are finally in front of Jamokou. The fight is difficult and Baine has somewhat assumed his strength… Fortunately, Tomul and his centaurs intervene to save you from certain death.

The hour of contemplation and forgiveness

Back in the heart of the Plains of Ohn’arha, Baine realizes that his mission was doomed. Had it not been for Tomul, god knows what would have happened to the Tauren leader. By mutual agreement, the two sides, who have each lost warriors during the battle, decide to honor their dead and hold a common ceremony.

You will be able to participate actively and I invite you to go around the NPCs in order to discuss with them. You will learn that events have changed the perception of some members of the Tauren and Centaurs. Here are selected pieces, but there are others that you can discover in game, even during the quests where we find that not all the Tauren were as closed as Baine in their view of the Centaurs.

I have to admit, I was against this joint funeral. I don’t think I will ever be able to forgive the atrocities committed by the Centaurs against my family.

But if it helps shape a world in which Tauren and Centaurs can co-exist in peace… then I will support this initiative, for my daughter’s sake.

I think that’s what my husband would have wanted.

Come Totem-of-the-Wind

Bovan is dead, but his people are still here. Why did he decide to bring them here? What did his visions reveal to him?

Windtotems have always been nomads. Perhaps he had glimpsed the promise of a home.

Or… did he know what was going to happen with the Centaurs? Did he want to come here with us so that our peoples can make peace, to appease the hatred in our hearts?

I will continue to live according to its precepts, it is my only certainty. And so, I will honor his work and his memory.

Baine Sabot-de-Sang

Thanks for saving me. I would never have made it without you.

Nawa glances at the Centaurs around her.

I had never met friendly Centaurs before. It’s almost a dichotomy for me.

Nawa smiled shyly.

But I’ll try to get used to it.

How much