Patience and elections – Accès Laurentides

“Hey that’s a long time tab! # * $ @ !, hurry and give me my order, I’ve been waiting for my @! # $ Coffee and my sandwich for 10 minutes – you’re a% $ @ ! #! clown gang. “ It was Mathieu (fictitious name), 14, who told me about this event. He and his colleagues go through this kind of situation every day, several times a day, and it gets worse and worse.

In early summer, then only 13 years old, Mathieu wanted to raise some money and therefore decided, with the consent of his parents, to submit her application to a local restaurant company, which she obviously was quick to hire. He was so excited to be able to contribute and develop this sense of pride that work brings, and his parents, very happy to be able to support him in his quest for autonomy and responsibility. Since then… the whole clan is rather disenchanted.

Intimidation… de routine

It’s peculiar, in my last column I was dealing with “Duty of empathy” and of “Consideration of the other”. And now this. A young man, barely a teenager, who knows that every time he is at work, he will be insulted several times during the day. It’s just… « normal ». The worst part is that this is not an isolated case, and everywhere workers get caught on a regular basis assault by part of the clientele, who no longer shy away from pouring out their hatred on them.

Are we cowardly enough to ” to pick up “ and to intimidate workers, and especially young (more vulnerable) young people, who have the courage to go to work, when we are short of manpower, and when other individuals are still taking advantage of federal largesse for themselves. to flow ? It seems that yes.

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In restaurants, retail outlets and other entities that deal with the public, it is now (sadly) conventional to talk about bullying. Employers must, of course, put in place measures to protect their staff, but it is also necessary that employees learn to defend themselves against aggressors, and ultimately, that witnesses (colleagues and other clients), denounce on – the aggressors immediately, because otherwise the cyclone may increase in size.

To those who are patient with our traders and their employees, I say well done and thank you. To others, who “Jump checkmarks” repeatedly against Mathieu and Claudette of this world who courageously hold the fort, at the grocery store, at the restaurant or elsewhere, I will say this: if you are not ready to be patient and respectful, please stay at home. The health passport, government measures, understaffing, rushed elections or whatever makes you sweat, it’s not the employees’ fault, and it’s certainly not theirs to pay the price for your reflux of gastric emotions.

Elections, so what?

What I described above is a compelling (and disturbing) symptom of social chaos in which we find ourselves. Considering This context of instability, I find it hard to understand this hasty call of federal elections which will cost taxpayers more than $ 500 million (Elections Canada) – while the health situation is in full swing, while the economy is fragile, while the Canadian debt exceeds 1200 billion (MEI), while we must manage a worrying crisis of employment that impacts the present, mortgage our future, and that of our children.

But since we are there … I hope that on September 20, it will not only be our license plates that will be remembered, and that our priorities as well as our values ​​will take precedence over a vote often based on the traditional color. . Besides, I hope that those who take revenge on teenagers to assuage their torments will trade their soiled tongue for a sharp pencil, the time to make an X on a paper ballot – there is nothing better to peacefully channel his frustration, than to take a moment in a cardboard voting booth. May patience accompany our behavior and wisdom our decisions.