Patients are treated on the hospital ship off New York

In view of the corona crisis, the aid organization Oxfam has called for billions in aid and debt relief for developing countries. The organization said on Monday that the money could be used to strengthen public health care in these countries.

Without rapid aid to poor countries, the “worst humanitarian catastrophe since the Second World War” could be threatened. Oxfam called for around $ 160 billion in debt relief and aid. This is double what the world‘s 85 poorest countries currently spend on public health care.

In Mali there are only three ventilators for every million people, in Zambia there is only one doctor for 10,000 people, explained the managing director of Oxfam Germany, Marion Lieser. The fight against Ebola in Africa has shown the challenge it is to stop the spread of a virus.

“We have to act quickly and on a scale that is historically unprecedented. Otherwise, the worst humanitarian catastrophe since World War II threatens, ”warned Lieser.

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