Patients with HIV are left without rescue therapy treatments


San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Organizations that work on the issue of human rights of the people with HIV and advanced infection demand from the Ministry of Health third-line rescue or antiretroviral therapy treatments, since they have been without these drugs for two years. Tomorrow is the National Day of the response to HIV and AIDS and these organizations require the State to supply these antiretrovirals. In the Mario Rivas hospital, ten new cases of HIV positive Joany García, regional coordinator of the National AIDS Forum He said that people with this condition require comprehensive care and reagents in a sustained manner to determine the type of treatment they need. In the country there are about 70 people who require rescue therapy. “The need of their rescue therapy is documented and evidenced by those who have shown resistance to the treatment they currently receive, and this means that their lives are in the decision making of the authorities of the Secretaries of Health and Finance “, Expressed García. The organizations demand that the ARV Table (Antiretroviral) Enter the cases of people who need their rescue therapy in order to save their lives. “Unfortunately one of our leaders, activists, promoter and defender of the people with HIV , Justo Rufino Campos, passed away last Friday, waiting for a response to your therapy. He was waiting two years for the response to be effective, “he said. Purchases Karen Erazo, head of the Integral Attention System (SAI) of the Mario Rivas hospital, acknowledged the lack of treatment and said that “the State does not count within its basic table of antiretrovirals with the third line or rescue methods for patients with HIV. that have failed to the first and second line, we do not have them, those are acquired through a special purchase, before they are discussed in a antiretroviral table ” . At the Mario Rivas hospital there are 2,300 adult patients with this disease and 250 children under 15 years of age, of which 95% have been infected by their mothers. Dr. Erazo said that more and more patients are requiring this rescue therapy. “Every day there are more cases that come out. Last year, 18 abstracts of adults and nine of children were sent to be discussed at the ARV Table to purchase these medications; I understand that they have already been purchased, but they have not yet reached this hospital center, “he said. The process of buying and adjudicating this treatment takes between six and nine months. “The summaries were sent in April of last year and discussed in October and we still expect them to enter the country,” he said.


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