Patras’s chin dropped with emotion! Dada will never forget this

After the event officially ended, she stayed on the boat with her friends and had fun. It was at this moment that the actress received a phone call, which brought her an unforgettable experience.

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According to the weekly Sedmička, the Patras called from the Semafor theater to go to the bow of the boat, because the whole Semafor ensemble had rented a boat on which he had a party, and they were just passing by. “I did not expect that at all. It was just because of me that they changed course, turned their ship around and sailed past us so they could wave at me. From a distance, we greeted Mr. Suchý, Jitka Molavcová and my other former colleagues, with whom I worked for many years, “said the actress.

“It simply came to my notice then. I wanted to cry. It really was a wonderful gesture from them. I am very happy. You could say that it was the most beautiful thing that happened to me this year, “Patrasová admitted moved to Sedmička.

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